Sunday, July 31, 2011

A real soultion to pain

Do you have migraines? Headaches? Chronic tension and pain? Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Tennis Elbow? Knee pain? IBS? Depression? Well guess what, massage therapy can help. I've seen it help numerous of my clients, and often after they've tried everything under the sun to fix it, but nothing worked. I massage to help heal, to fix the problem. A massage for relaxation is nice, but often we can't afford "nice". We need real results, real relief from real problems that interfere with our normal life. My goal and desire is to alleviate your pain, and bring relief. I specialize in Injury, Trigger point and Structural Massage, and I will work with you to help you feel your best. Give me a chance, and I promise I won't disappoint. I have availability this week if interested.

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