Sunday, July 31, 2011

A real soultion to pain

Do you have migraines? Headaches? Chronic tension and pain? Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Tennis Elbow? Knee pain? IBS? Depression? Well guess what, massage therapy can help. I've seen it help numerous of my clients, and often after they've tried everything under the sun to fix it, but nothing worked. I massage to help heal, to fix the problem. A massage for relaxation is nice, but often we can't afford "nice". We need real results, real relief from real problems that interfere with our normal life. My goal and desire is to alleviate your pain, and bring relief. I specialize in Injury, Trigger point and Structural Massage, and I will work with you to help you feel your best. Give me a chance, and I promise I won't disappoint. I have availability this week if interested.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


After 4 months, I have decided to move my business back to my home. Although the salon was such a fun place to work, and a great social atmosphere, it was not conducive for a relaxing massage. With all the noise of the salon, it was hard for both my clients and myself to transcend into a world of bliss.
So, I'm bringing it back home, to my beautiful spa room, that is quiet and peaceful and perfect. Good news is, it's only about a minute away from the salon, right here in Alpine, so it shouldn't be any inconvenience for my clients to follow me :) I am very excited to have control of the atmosphere again, as well as opening up more hours.

So here is my Super Summer Special for booking with me in August! Book any massage at regular price, and get a Hot/Cold Stone add on for free! It really makes all the difference in the massage, and really helps in the healing process of your muscles. So please come in, and mention this special at the time of booking! Also, I have lowered my prices slightly! Check out my pricing list on my blog. Can't wait to see all of you soon!

Latissa Graham
Healing Power of Touch