Wednesday, October 13, 2010

11 benefits of massage I bet you didn't know

I thought I would write about the benefits of receiving bodywork; although there are so many that I will probably forget some. Massage therapy is a great preventative health practice. If you only come see me when you are in pain, then it takes a lot longer and a lot more sessions close together to fix your problem then if you were to come see me every couple weeks and maintain your health.

1. It feels good, or rather, you feel so much better afterwards!
2. It has been shown to decrease anxiety and depression, and elevates endorphin levels, which are your body's natural pain killers.
3. It increases blood and lymph flow, which helps flush out waste and increases immunity and prevents edema or swelling.
4. It relieves tension and trigger points, or what some people refer to as "knots"
5. It can improve performance in sports, and help you heal faster after an injury or strain.
6. It can help you heal faster after surgery, decreasing the appearance of a scar, and regaining normal use of muscles and tissue.
7. It can restore a normal structure of the body where there is a deformity. i.e. scholiosis, dowagers hump, etc.
8.It can increase your energy.
9. It can improve muscle tone in people that are inactive and there is atrophy of the muscles. i.e. parapalegics, limb in a cast, etc.
10. It increases greater joint flexibility and range of motion.
11. Massage relieves mental and physical stress and fatigue, which will make us overall, healthier!!

There are so many, many more benefits, particularly emotional benefits that are different for every individual. I have seen it work wonders in many peoples lives, and especially in mine! Hope this opens up new ways you never knew massage could help you with!