Monday, December 15, 2014

HypnoDoula Certification

I completed my training to become a Certified Hypnosis Doula with Lauralyn Curtis from HypnoBirthing Utah this weekend, and loved every minute of it! Who's ready for a professional massage therapist trained in prenatal, labor support and postpartum massage, and trained in HypnoBirthing to be your doula? You get professional massages included in your package, including an out-call postpartum massage, where I come to your home and massage those aching nursing muscles, and teach you infant massage! Who doesn't want to be professionally massaged all through your labor?

But seriously, this work is amazing. I have had the privilege of attending all kinds of births, home, hospital, natural, epidural and cesarean section. I'm grateful for the experience in assisting in all births, and supporting the mother in any choice she makes, I have such a passion for what I do, and feel humbled by those who choose to include me in their birth story. Thank you to all my past, present and future clients!