Friday, August 25, 2017

Taking a step back...

After a lot of soul searching, and a reevaluation of my family's needs at this time, along with a great shift in dynamics and support in our home, I have come to the conclusion that I need to take a step back for a little while from my massage business. I am needed greatly at home. And is anything more important than family? I have said many prayers, trying to come up with a solution to not let go of my business, but to be able to take a step back,without leaving my beloved clients in the dust while I clean house. 

I decided to try to find someone who could "cover" for me; someone who was skilled in deep tissue, injury, and trigger point work, someone who has a passion and is skilled in prenatal work as well, and so also cares deeply for those they care for. I put an ad out, thinking it would take months to find someone I would be satisfied hiring. Then, Sarah sent me her resume. Not only has she been an LMT for 17 years, but she is skilled in deep tissue AND is certified in prenatal! She is also a Master Herbalist. I felt good about her even before I met her, and when I interviewed her, and she gave me a massage, I fell in love. I had tears of joy! She is incredible, and everything I could have wanted in my desire to find someone I could trust enough with my treasured, valued, and LOVED clients. 
I am so grateful to have found her, and to have the ability to continue my massage business while I take care of family business in my home. Please give Sarah Quist a shot! 

Before anyone thinks I am quitting altogether, have no fear! I will be working every Thursday from 4 pm to 10 pm starting in September, and will be adding back in more hours as I get things worked out here at home. I am also still accepting Doula clients on a limited basis, so book early with me to ensure your spot. I love you all with all my heart. Bringing the "healing power of touch" to your lives is one of my greatest joys, and I have no intention of letting that go. To all things, there is a time and a season. Right now, my Carson boy, my Ethan darling, my Sophie baby and my Lily angel, along with my heart, my lover, my best friend, my partner in all things I do, my HUSBAND, are my priority, and they need me.

Here is Sarah Quist's bio, in her own words:

 "I have been a massage therapist for 17 years. I became certified in Pre/Perinatal Massage in 2004. I worked at a birthing center in St George with two midwives and thoroughly enjoyed offering pain relief from the discomforts of pregnancy and labor. In 2008 I received my diploma as a Master Herbalist and created my own line of organic herbal skin care products. I also formulated a line of herbal remedies for pregnancy and babies. I am passionate about holistic health care and alternative therapies."  - Sarah

She is taking clients Mon-Fri during day time hours, and I will be offering evenings on Thursdays. See you all soon!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Nurturing the Mother Certification course for all LMT's

Coming up in October in the beautiful Red Rock of St. George, UT! Don't miss out of furthering your education in Prenatal, Labor, Postpartum and Infant Massage! Please register HERE

Friday, June 2, 2017

Father's Day Special!!

Dad's need massage too!! Get that hard-working hubby of yours, or awesome dad the best gift ever! 60 min where they don't have to think about their daily stresses and can just relax. Give the men in your life a gift certificate for a 60 min massage for 20% off normal price! (regular price $65) Gift Certificates can be emailed or picked up. Can accept payment via PayPal, Venmo, CC, or cash. Offer good until June 17th.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Massage Hypnodoula Special!!!

In celebration for my first day back at work after maternity leave (Lily is 1 month old today!! Ahh!!) I am running a Massage Hypnodoula special!! If you reserve me as your doula within the next week ($50 reservation fee) for all due dates January or later, I will include a FREE PRENATAL MASSAGE in your package! $65 value! Feel free to call, email or arrange to meet with me to discuss if we are a good match.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Massage Techniques for the Professional Doula Class

This class is for all doulas and birth professionals wanting to be trained in:
*Hand, foot and ear massage
*Reflexology for pregnancy and childbirth, 
*Light touch massage for pregnancy, labor and postpartum
This will be a two hour training for $65. I am sending out an invoice from PayPal to your email address. Payment required to reserve your spot. Seating is limited. If you would like to pay another way, please contact me. Class will be held at the Aspenwood Manor 289 W. 500 N. Provo on August 13th from 10 am to 12 pm. 

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Nurturing the Mother Certification Course

I will be teaching Claire Marie Miller's premier certification course in pregnancy and postpartum massage for all Licensed Massage Therapists. 24 CE hours and Nurturing the Mother Pregnancy Massage Certification given at completion of the course. This course also includes labor massage and support techniques as well as a demonstration of newborn/infant massage. We will have pregnant volunteers come to enhance your learning and experience.


Anatomy and physiology for pregnancy and birth
Pregnancy massage sequence
Cautions and contraindications for pregnancy massage
Guidelines for pregnancy massage for each trimester
Massage cautions and variations for high-risk pregnancies
Postpartum massage, with the principle of mother roasting: the application of heat along with specific bodywork techniques for the recovery and realignment of the mother.
Rituals as a tool for empowerment for the mom and family, including the Blessingway Birth Ceremony, Birth Beads, and Lotus birth.
How to market your skills, along with access for “ready to use” brochures and a listing on Claire Marie Miler Seminars
Resources for you and your clients surrounding pregnancy, birth and family, including books, websites and informational groups

In-class Certification Requirements:

A practical assessment is given when you massage a pregnant volunteer or student during the workshop
Written assessment completed at the end of the course
24 CE hours and Nurturing the Mother Pregnancy Massage Certification given at completion of the course.

This class will be offered in Provo, UT on September 8th through 10th. Cost is $495, or $450 if paid in full by August 8th. To sign up, visit this link: Registration

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June Hypnodoula and Massage Special!!!

Certified Hypnodoula and Licensed Massage Therapist special! I'm running a special on my Hypnodoula package. Along with 2 prenatal visits, including help with birth plan, overview of positioning techniques, etc, I include a 40 min chair massage with hypnosis script. But for the month of June, I am adding an outcall postpartum massage with organ placement and infant massage instruction! (A $150 value) I am a Licensed and Certified instructor in prenatal, labor, postpartum and infant massage, as well as couples massage and Yoga. I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist for over 6 years, and also specialize in deep tissue, trigger point and injury massage. I have attended many births, including hospital, home, birth center, unmedicated, medicated, vaginal, cesarean and vbac. I myself have experienced a medicated hospital birth, cesarean, and vbac hypnobirth. I believe in the healing power of touch and the importance of support during this life changing experience. I am one of Lauralyn Curtis's Certified Hypnodoulas, and you can find my profile on her website at or call or text at 801-616-9925 or send me a Facebook message. (Offer expires June 30th and  includes births with due dates from now till September)

Monday, November 30, 2015

Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday Special!

Remember, this deal ends tonight! Buy one get one half off on any massage!
Only comes once a year! Buy gift certificates for Christmas! Can PayPal, pay over the phone or in person. Certificates can be emailed. Text STOP to be removed from text list. - Latissa Graham with Healing Power of Touch

Small Business Saturday Special! Get a free postpartum massage with organ placement and infant massage instruction (value $150) with purchase of my Massage Hypnodoula package! I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and am certified in prenatal, labor, postpartum and infant massage. Package includes 2 prenatal visits, one of which I give a 40 min chair massage with a fear release, as well as labor massage and Hypnodoula support, and 1 postpartum visit, all for $800. I'm also doing a buy 1 get one half off on any massage, which is a once a year deal. Offer ends Monday November 30th. My website is To reserve me as your doula, visit my profile on Lauralyn Curtis's Hypnobirthing Utah website.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

My Podcast interview on The Balancing Act about Prenatal and Postpartum Depression

I was interviewed for this awesome new podcast called The Balancing Act about my journey with prenatal and postpartum depression, and the tools I found that helped me come out of that darkness. Here is a direct link to my podcast interview. There are many other interviews from amazing members of our community on here as well. If you or your clients are suffering with this, I hope you find solidarity in knowing you are not alone, and hearing my journey may help!
Hear my interview here.

Helpful websites:

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sarah Clark's Beautiful Birth to Baby Lucca

This is Sarah Fitzgerald Clark's birth video that I'm in assisting her as her Massage Hypnodoula! She was the most intuitive birthing mother. I was in awe, and felt so privileged to be a part of it!

Here a link to the video!

Mid-Summer Special!!

SO excited to offer this AMAZING deal for doula services! Anyone that books my Hypnodoula services in July, will receive one FREE prenatal massage! This is in addition to two prenatal visits, one of which includes a 40 min prenatal massage with Curtis Method Hypnobirthing fear release, professional labor massage, and 1 out-call postpartum massage with organ placement and infant massage instruction, ALL for $750! It's a wonderful steal. Can't wait to talk and meet with you to see if we are a good fit. You can call or text me at 801-616-9925 or email at Reserve me with a $50 deposit to Hypnobirthing Utah here

Benefits of hiring a Licensed Massage Therapist for Labor Support

On a physiological level, our bodies change so drastically so quickly as we go through the process of bringing a baby into this world, that it is no wonder we are met with a variety of aches and pains, and that our bodies can feel foreign to us. Our ligaments, joints, muscles and skin are all being pulled and stretched and strained, and we experience an imbalance between them all. It is important to help the body transition, and relax, and strengthen what is weak and tired so that we can relieve the pain caused from the imbalance. 

Touch is very powerful. The right touch can be the ultimate healer, more powerful than any drug. It can be the difference between life and death.Truthfully, we cannot live without touch. No drug can substitute it. I see dramatic, real life changes in my client's quality of life every day, and they are healthier inside and out. It only makes sense to use massage during the most physically challenging and changing thing we will ever go through.

Some benefits of pregnancy and labor massage include:

  • Helps control blood pressure
  • Helps relieve nausea, constipation and indigestion
  • Helps reduce swelling and edema and increases circulation
  • Increases flow of nutrients to the placenta
  • Relieves leg pains and cramps
  • Opens chest for deeper breath and supports learning deep breathing
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Directly affects the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, reducing stress and its consequences for mother and baby
  • Alleviates anxiety and depression
  • Strengthens muscles in preparation for labor and delivery
  • Allows for deeper breathing and a better night’s sleep
  • Maintains body posture and balance
  • Reduce labor time, labor pain, and even technical intervention
  • Shortens hospital stay
  • Reduces postpartum depression
A laboring woman's back in particular can get extremely sore, and a good rub can make a world of difference. The back pain can be more intense than the contractions - this has been named 'back labor', and occurs in 25% of births. Usually the back pain is caused by baby being in the 'occput posterior position', in which baby's back is pushing against mom's spine. If your back is sore during childbirth, make sure you speak up, don't grin and bear it! It may mean you're experiencing 'back labor' and you need to change position onto your hands and knees to ease pressure on your spine, and receive a good back rub". - (
Massage can also decrease labor time by keeping the body relaxed and therefore allowing the cervix to open without tension. Using the shoulder press and counterpressures creates a grounding feeling and an opposing force that counteracts the pressure from the surges. Also, using light-touch massage to create goosebumps confuses the nervous system and provides temporary relief and releases oxytocin, the body's natural pain reliever. Focusing on the head, neck, back and arms using a sweeping motion with your fingers will create this effect. There are also acupressure points that, when held, can decrease pain. This is only released when a woman feels relaxed and safe, and so therefore having a calm, quiet and relaxing atmosphere are integral to achieving this wonderful natural drug. 

When you hire me as your Massage Doula, I am on call from 38 weeks on. I will be there during your labor as soon as you feel you need me, regardless of the hour. You can hire me to come for 3, 6 or 24+ hour packages. Any unused hours roll over into postpartum massage hours that you can use as soon as you'd like. Hiring me in addition to or separate from your main doula will only help you have more of the support necessary to keep you relaxed and calm through your labor and delivery. I work hand in hand with doulas, but can also stand alone to support you through massage. 

I am a mother of two boys and one girl, and took Lauralyn’s hypnobirthing class and had a 
wonderful birth utilizing those techniques. I believe in empowering women with the knowledge of all the many options available to the pregnant mother. I believe that touch is vital to healing, and is incredibly powerful in aiding relaxation and alleviating pain and discomfort.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Birth Doula Special!

Hi Ladies! I just wanted to let you know that I am running a special on my doula package! For $650, you get a very experienced Licensed Massage Therapist who is trained and certified in prenatal, labor massage and postpartum organ placement and infant massage and a Certified Hypnodoula as your doula! Package includes two prenatal visits, including a prenatal chair massage in your home, on call for you 24/7 from 37 weeks on, full labor support including labor massage (i'll be massaging you the entire time, wherever you need it) and knowledge of counter pressures and different positions that make labor wonderful, and an out call postpartum massage with organ placement as well as infant massage instruction, all from the comfort of your own home! This reduced price on this package is only good till the end of this month. You must reserve me by then. It only take $50 to reserve me! Here is the WEBSITE! Let me know if you have any questions! 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Valentine's Day Special!!

It's Valentine's day next weekend! Get a massage for your sweetie! Buy a 60 or 90 min massage for $10 off! That makes them $50 for 60 min and $80 for 90 min. It's a great deal! Must mention this special to get the deal. Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, December 15, 2014

HypnoDoula Certification

I completed my training to become a Certified Hypnosis Doula with Lauralyn Curtis from HypnoBirthing Utah this weekend, and loved every minute of it! Who's ready for a professional massage therapist trained in prenatal, labor support and postpartum massage, and trained in HypnoBirthing to be your doula? You get professional massages included in your package, including an out-call postpartum massage, where I come to your home and massage those aching nursing muscles, and teach you infant massage! Who doesn't want to be professionally massaged all through your labor?

But seriously, this work is amazing. I have had the privilege of attending all kinds of births, home, hospital, natural, epidural and cesarean section. I'm grateful for the experience in assisting in all births, and supporting the mother in any choice she makes, I have such a passion for what I do, and feel humbled by those who choose to include me in their birth story. Thank you to all my past, present and future clients!