Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Dreading going past your due date? Schedule a due date labor stimulation massage!

Are you stressed about your due date, and having it come and go with no baby yet? Stressing over your due date is so disheartening. Right about week 38 is when pregnant mommas have had enough! Nothing is comfortable anymore; walking, sleeping, sitting, just moving is so exhausting. 
So instead of stressing about that day, how about scheduling a massage? It turns that day into a guaranteed relaxing and rewarding day to celebrate you coming so far. The worst that could happen is you get a relaxing massage and continue being pregnant for a few more weeks, OR the massage relaxes your body and lowers stress hormones and releases feel-good hormones into the bloodstream that jump start your labor! Acupressure has also been shown to significantly impact the body’s ability to go into labor. Certain essential oils can help stimulate uterine activity as well. I use doTERRA essential oils, and have had much success. I use all of these in a Due-Date Labor Stimulation Massage.
With all of this, your due date will turn into a wonderful day to look forward to, regardless of the outcome! Let me help you celebrate your 40 week mark by pampering you and easing your aching, beautiful body! (Baby will love it too!)