Thursday, February 17, 2011

New addition :)

Healing power of touch will be offering Hot and Cold Stone Massage very soon! I am very excited for this new service that will be on the menu! There are so many wonderful benefits of receiving Hot Stone and Cold Stone therapy. The basalt stones are warmed in a electric roaster with water, similar to a crock pot, and applied to the meridians. Then they are used to massage the muscles. The heat is wonderful for the muscles, and promotes a quicker relaxation response. Hot stone massage is used as a therapy to relieve certain health problems such as arthritis, anxiety, stress, back pain, depression, insomnia and circulation. Hot stone massage improves blood circulation through the body and eliminates toxins out of the body. It helps to maintain a healthy heart. Also, Cold Stone massage is used to treat migraines and injuries. It really is a wonderfully relaxing experience, with so many benefits, and I cannot wait to offer this to my clients!

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